Saturday, August 27, 2011

Snippets of Now

For some folks who know me this blog is a way of keeping up with what is going on in my life at the moment. As you can see blog posts are few and far between. The same thing is pretty much true for baking and cooking.

I have baked bread recently, but it was a sourdough loaf pretty much the same as some others posted in the past. I've been making things like a turkey breast roasted over some stuffing, but the stuffing has been posted in the past, too, and I didn't do much to the turkey breast other than a sprinkle of poultry seasoning and some pepper. Lots of salads, but pretty standard mixed greens with cucumbers and tomato and maybe some avocado. Again not really blog-worthy.

I did make some personal size chocolate whiskey cakes last weekend, (photo at top) with the rest of the batter going into a loaf pan. They turned out pretty cute and helped to cheer me up...I have been missing my dog quite a bit. He would have enjoyed licking the whipped cream bowl. Sweetie and I enjoyed the cake (baked in a 5" springform pan) while watching an episode of a British TV series from the late 90s...the House of Eliott...which we got through Netflicks.

Here is the link to the Chocolate Whiskey Cake, Bundt version:

The main things keeping me out of the kitchen have been work, my garden, and 'the project'. Work continues to be a challenge but the work is still interesting. The last couple of weeks have been all spreadsheets all the time...not my favorite but necessary.

The garden is finally giving forth ripe tomatoes

and continues to bless us with zucchini and chard and cucumbers.

The haricot verts are pretty much done. Lots of roses, sweet peas, Queen Anne's Lace, and some nigella keep things looking pretty and smelling sweet. Watering, feeding, and weeding are constant tasks and lately I've been tying up tomato branches as they get heavy with fruit. (Yes, tomatoes are a fruit.)

The task that consumes the most energy is the second story deck refurbishment. Today was a red letter day...we secured the first plank of Trex, the lumber substitute we are using. Prior days have included joist work, securing and staining and caulking the plywood sub floor, drip edge work by Sweetie,

staining of railing components by yours truly,

and installation of posts, a true team effort. With luck it will all be done in a couple more weeks, just in time for me to be inundated with homework. I started an InDesign class last Monday. The homework for the first few weeks is pretty simple but it should be more challenging in another two weeks or so. Our instructor, Paulette Bell, is quite a good teacher with a nice mix of stressing technical aspects of the program and a warm, humerous attitude that isn't stressful. Serious when needed, fun the rest of the time. I'm also enjoying taking the class with a couple of friends from the scholarship group. Very eco-friendly...we ride-share.

As you can see, never a dull moment around here. One day soon I might even post a recipe or two. In the meantime, lots of the blogs on the sidebar are fun to visit and often have delicious things to try, so check 'em out if you have time.If you do, tell 'en I say 'Hi', too. Visiting other blogs has also been a tabled activity of late, unfortunately. Hope to visit them myself soon.

XO Elle


  1. Next Sister Down7:29 AM

    Loved House of Elliott! It made me want to dress in 1920s fashions.

  2. Your post should inspire me to write such an update on my blog ... I just need for such inspiration to meet up with a precious few minutes of "free" time.

    LOVE those tomatoes.

  3. Ooh, Trex! That deck is going to be so awesome. Here's hoping you have some sun left and can sit out whilst you do that homework. I want to send my niece to hang out with you - she's starting her senior year of graphic design in college - she's taking and advertising class this year and isn't sure where she wants to get a job (although at this point, just one that pays the school bills would be good...!).

    Those tiny cakes are gorgeous.

    This morning we made zucchini bread for D. to take to work -- and yesterday baked plain wheat bread. It's never plain and simple when the house is filled with the scent, although those recipes are nothing we need to blog. It's just good to hear from you and know that your life is going on with the usual satisfying busyness. We have little internet and boxes still everywhere, but it was nice to bake!

  4. Always nice to catch up on what you are up too Elle!! The tomatoes look superb - we never get them as red or juicy over here. Love the Choc Whiskey cake too!

  5. Your tomatoes look great. I love the funky, "heritage" shapes. And your deck is going to be amazing! It will be so worth all the work when you can sit out there, enjoying the sunset, sipping a glass of wine, and watching the zucchinis take over the garden.