Thursday, December 28, 2006

Blogging by Mail - Package from Japan

Returning home yesterday from a week in Seattle, I discovered that a package from Amy Piesse of Impossible Juxtapositions had arrived while I was gone.

Amy is a teacher in Japan but originally hails from Perth in Australia. My Sweetie's college room mate Jon and his family lived in Perth until recently and we visited them a few years ago. Perth is in Western Australia and has fewer tourists than Sydney, Melbourne and the Barrier Reef on the east coast, but it is a lovely city. Amy went home for the holidays (for turkey and pudding according to her card), but before she left she sent the wonderful collection of things shown in the photo.

Some things, like the Kit Kat bars and Hello Kitty toy were familiar, but others, like the packets of amezake are a new treat. Amy writes that amezake is a by-product of sake, non-alcoholic, and good with some freshly grated ginger for kick. I'm looking forward to trying it. The package also contained some yummy chocolates and nuts, some pocky sticks, a sweet note pad kit, a lovely felt snowflake trivet, and a pancake ring that I can use to make Christmas tree shaped little pancakes. I've trained as a graphic artist, so part of the fun was seeing the great packaging. The Hello Kitty microwaveable cake package is super bright and all the directions are in Japanese, so it should be interesting to try baking it. A great seasonal collection and a nice connection to both Japan and Australia. Thank you Amy! Loved your letter, too.

And thank you Stephanie at Dispensing Happiness for organizing the Blogging by Mail event!


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