Saturday, February 17, 2007

Well Met

There is something exciting, but slightly nervous making, about meeting someone in preson whom you've only 'met' via the internet.

Even though you love their blog and they sound great over the phone, it's still sort of like a blind date. Will you be comfortable and have things to talk about?

Today I met Anna of Anna's Cool Finds for an afternoon 'tea' at La Dolce V in Sebastopol, CA.
La Dolce V is a fine artisan chocolate company.

The shop and cafe' is right on Main Street in downtown Sebastopol. They have decorated it beautifully with lovely tables and nice chairs, tablecloths on the round tables and chocolate walls. They serve an array of gelato, which is new since they moved from their former tiny shop at the Antique Society building south of town. They also have beautiful chocolates, made in small batches, some flavored with tea infusions, a selection of baked goods, including the Ultimate Brownie, which really is pretty amazingly good. They have tea, coffee, and a French Hot Chocolate that Anna seemed to enjoy. She also had a layered dessert which looked like it included chocolate, coconut and nuts on a shortbread crust.

If you reserve the day before, La Dolce V also has a true afternoon tea with small sandwiches, a savory tartlet, scones and jam, lemon bar, macaroon and a chocolate bon bon.

I was pretty silly in my worries. Anna was delightful and, being interested in food, we had lots to talk about. We also had some city experiences in common so it was a really enjoyable afternoon. Life can be sweet and it's fun to make new friends. Well met, Anna. Hope to see you again soon.


  1. Well met indeed! I enjoyed our outing and will reciprocate in March! I'll be posting on our meeting for tomorrow's post, and will reference this one as well. Thanks for the fabulous afternoon!

  2. Both the chocolates and the encounter sound lovely!

  3. Anna, great to share La Dolce V with you. Thank you!

    Brilynn, wish I could meet you, are so playful, inventive and fearless on your blog and your photos are great.