Monday, September 03, 2007

Boy Did I Goof!

Many, many weeks ago Lis of La Mia Cucina sweetly awarded me the Schmooze Award, for which I am grateful. This award was created by Mike of Ordinary Folk and Danielle of Pink Reviews to “recognize people who have a positive influence on the blogging community by developing and nurturing relationships. You know – commenting on other’s blogs, joinin in on and sustaining a “blogversation” according to Lis. What I didn’t read was that I was supposed to nominate other bloggers to receive the award. Perhaps the difficulty lay in the fact that when Lis gave me the award I was totally focused on a new job. With aging brain cells the only ones at my disposal, it really required complete concentration to learn a new job, even one in a field that is familiar to me like this one. Thank you, dear Lis. I’m blushing for the award and in embarrassment that it has taken me until now to pass on the award (and to feel even a bit competent at the ‘job’.)

‘So what is this job?’, you ask. Well, I’m still finding out some of it, but it is an admin job for a pain clinic. The clinic, and intensive 6 day affair, is held once a month. The two weeks leading up to the clinic are filled with lots of preparations, paperwork, communication with the patients, and preparing the clinic and kitchen for the participants.
The doctor who hired me was stoked to find that I have a food blog…somehow he thought that I’m a professional foodie or something…far from it, but I do enjoy cooking. That is a good thing.

You see, a freshly prepared lunch is served each day to about 25 people. Veggie trays, fruit trays, salads, and whole grain breads are joined by rolls of smoked salmon with capers, rolls of turkey breast and ham, sliced onions, olives, pickles, roasted red peppers and similar foods. On the last day of the clinic such a lunch is followed by a celebratory dinner, so a whole lot of cooking is going on that day. Although I love to cook, so far my main duties have been to assist the other cooks and to keep track of all the paperwork. It may eventually be my turn to be in charge of the cooking, who knows? This time I brought a lentil salad that I wanted the group to try. For Tuesday dinner I also brought some heirloom tomatoes which I turned into an insalata caprese, with slices of fresh mozzarella cheese, olive oil and basil, plus a drizzle of reduced balsamic vinegar. The vinegar isn’t traditional, but delicious nonetheless.

So I now have two clinics worth of experience and space in my elderly brain to realize that I spaced completely on the award. There are many who deserve this award and, fortunately, many have received it while I have been otherwise occupied. There are still plenty of bloggers who qualify, especially those who visit all kinds of blog, famous and unknown and everything in between, who are positive in their comments and who are caring and, often, funny. They make such a difference in many folk’s days.

Without further ado (or excuses) I nominate… Quellia of All Things Edible. Not only is she always upbeat, but she participates in lots of events, which is so supportive, plus she has the cutest kid.
Ivonne of Cream Puffs in Venice, one of the co-founders of the burgeoning Daring Bakers and she is as sweet as the lovely tarts she makes so well.
Peabody of Culinary Concoctions by Peabody. Not only does she get around the blogosphere and spread joy, but you can’t visit her blog without seeing something truly delicious on the screen... usually sweet and baked.
Morven of Food Art and Random Thoughts who is both a talented writer and a thoughtful commenter.
Brilynn of Jumbo Empanadas who is probably the world’s best booster for ice cream and Dorie Greenspan, as well as being a talented writer and photographer.

That’s as many as I’m allowed to nominate for this award. Go check out their blogs and give them a nice comment…they deserve it. Just hope they don't take so long to nominate others :)


  1. Hope you continue to enjoy your new job, and such a pretty salad.

  2. Funny, I was reading this when your comment came in on mine, telling me I had been nominated! Ack! (Do I say thank you or run away screaming Oh no not me! hehehehe)
    Congrats on the new job! Your salad looks great and if they enjoyed that, they are sure to call on you to be cooking soon!
    PS I actually have 2 cute kids but the other one is only interested in the eating, not the helping, so you've only seen the bottom half of his face so far - eating ice cream!

  3. Thanks so much Elle!

    Good luck with all of the new changes!

  4. Kelly-Jane, Thanks! Next month I'm hoping to try another vegan recipe & might be able to post about it.

    Quellia, You say 'thank you', but take your time to do your own awards...I did and the sky didn't fall or anything :) Sorry I didn't know about the 2nd child, but I'll bet he is a cutie, too.

    Brilynn, Thanks for the good wishes.

  5. hehe I can so relate.. work here has been amazingly chaotic lately and it shows in how far behind I am in reading my favorite blogs.. Ugh!

    You're very welcome and completely deserving of it =)

    Great list! I agree with each and every one of those gals. =)