Saturday, April 12, 2008

Only 6 Words?

Katie, of Apple and Spice, a delicious blog, has tagged me for a different kind of meme. Using only six words, describe yourself. Not an easy proposition. Over the years I've worn so many hats, done so many kinds of work and had fun at so many different kinds of play that it is nearly impossible to distill it into six words. So this is more of a snapshot of who/how I am right now. Tomorrow I might even do a different set of six. Life changes so fast.....

I'm going to hold off tagging anyone for this because I have another one to respond to that will take a little more time and thought. Later today or tomorrow I'll include tags for both in one post. Keep It Simple is my new mantra.


  1. Now see, I would have chose "giver" for you!

  2. Elle, I love how you made it into a piece of art! You are always so creative.

  3. Anonymous8:04 PM

    That's a good start. You are all that and so much more. And Mrs. W is so right, you are indeed always so creative. You make things more beautiful than I would ever imagine them being. This post of yours is just one more example of that.
    Love, Natasha

  4. Anonymous5:37 AM

    That's a great mantra, Elle :)

  5. Great words! I was tagged for this one, too, and am having a hard time coming up with words!!