Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Colorful Brownies

Sweetie and I have been doing some major construction repairing a couple of windows on the south side of the house where the rain leaked in. The folks who built the house apparently neglected to put flashing in, so we've been dealing with many, many years of leaking. Being the type who tries to look at the bright side, I must admit that it has been a trial to find any silver lining, but learning to put up a fifteen foot high scaffolding was that tiny sliver of silver. It was sort of like playing on jungle gyms as we got higher and higher.

One of the results of this unexpected extra work was that I had committed to bringing more desserts to the picnic on the weekend than I had time to bake from scratch. I decided that the mini peach pies really deserved the time.

It also didn't take very long to slice up some juicy ripe watermelon and cut it into wedges. We kept it cold right up until it was served, so it was quite popular on a warm evening.

The third dessert was brownies. Brownies made from a mix, but dolled up with a few things to make them more appealing.

While they were still hot, I placed halves of York peppermint patties on half of the brownies (I used the small ones) and covered it all up with foil to melt the candies. Once they were melted, I spread the minty goodness over half the pan of brownies. The whole pan then went into the 'fridge to cool overnight.

A few hours before the party I made ganache with
1 cup chocolate chips
1 cup whipping cream

The combination, in a bowl, was microwaved on half power for a minute at a time, with vigorous whisking after each minute, until the ganache was smooth.

After it had cooled a bit to thicken up, I poured about half of it over the pan of brownies and spread it out over the entire pan. While the ganache was still runny, I sprinkled mini-chocolate M&Ms over it.

On the half with the mint, I used only green ones.

On the other half, I used multi-colored M&Ms. This made for some pretty colorful and tasty brownies...and they sure looked like a party!


  1. oh those brownies look great! I think I would be rather freaked on that scaffolding - BUT if you had a plate of these brownies up there I would willingly climb to the top!

  2. Mmmm. What IS IT about mint and chocolate? I LOVE those York things.

    And you kids be careful playing on that jungle gym....

  3. What a really fun thing to do to the brownies . . . well the ones without the mint! They do look like a party!

  4. Anonymous6:17 AM

    Elle, I love the peach mini pies and the dolled up box brownies are just perfect for a picnic!

    Scaffolding is fun isn't it!

  5. Mmmm, minty brownies!

  6. I'll take the mint brownies please!

  7. Oh it all looks good! However, as warm as it has been, I'd love to have some of that cold watermelon right now!

  8. Hi Elle! These look totally awesome! Hope you are enjoying the summer, with not TOO much house work! I just met the second and third blogger ever last evening! I think you would have gotten on with this group like a house on fire!

  9. Elle, house repairing can be a pain in the neck, but with these baked goods, anything is looking up!

  10. Ganache topped brownies - ohh indulgant!

  11. I'm enamoured with the brownies - I have a kids' (2 together)celebration event and this would for sure be a huge hit.

  12. Oh my gosh those brownies look soooooooo good ... I can't believe you put up scaffolding!

  13. Meeta, the brownies would have made it more tasty, but turns out I love climbing up and down scaffolding...who knew?

    Tadmack, Chocolate and mint is one of my favorite combos. I've heard that Europeans don't understand the allure of the two together...any idea if that's true?

    Tanna, multi-color dots always seem to look festive...and these taste good too.

    Breadchick, glad you like 'em. Have you played on scaffolding very often?

    Deborah, another mint lover! Yay!!

    Peabody, another mint lover! Double yay!

    HoneyB, the watermelon doesn't last long around here...it's been too hot.

    Anna, Wish I'd been there...they sound like fun folks!

    Patricia, it WAS too hot to be repairing the house, but I enjoy the work...and learn so much. The brownies are an earned treat that way.

    Katie, Ganache is such great stuff...some of it never made it on top of anything except a spoon :)

    Giz, Kids do love the brownies this way. Hope they work for you.

    Creampuff, The brownies were far easier, but the scaffolding has been returned to the rental place! Yay!

  14. Those brownies almost made me drool onto my keyboard. They look great!

  15. Hello, found this Brownie post and pics on October '09, after reading your O post your Greek omelet with Feta cheese.
    Those brownies look scrumptious with the addition of m & m's and I like your idea for ganache.