Thursday, October 09, 2008

It's Later

Rio Grande Gorge

Taos was wonderful. The desert is so different from our deciduous tree covered hills, but beautiful in it's own way. The light is amazing, too. The last night we were there my sister and brother-in-law gave us glasses of wine and we watched the light of the setting sun turn the Sangre de Christo mountains red. Even the new snow on the tops of the mountains became pink!

Sangre de Christos mountains

I don't have any photos of food from the trip, but I have a nice one of dried chili peppers.

The town has lovely adobe buildings and lots of art and brightly colored doors and windows, too.

One of the great meals we had was a lamb dinner prepared by Ron. He is a great cook! The lamb chops were sauteed with a great quantity of minced garlic. Then he used the juices and garlic as a sauce when he cooked the fresh asparagus and tiny carrots. It really was a feast!

Sweetie, always a train lover, was like a little kid when we took an all day excursion on the Cumbres and Toltec Narrow Gauge Railroad out of Chama. The steam engine made for some very dramatic photos!

The railroad is jointly owned by New Mexico and Colorado. We started in New Mexico and ended up in Antonitos in Colorado. The fall color was magnificent, with lots of golden aspen groves.

It was a very relaxing trip, so now I have to get my mind revved up again. Tomorrow there will be recipes...I promise.


  1. You could keep on showing us pictures of beautiful country - we'd be happy!

  2. Anonymous8:45 PM

    Great pictures of Taos and of the train. When I saw the train picture the first time it looked like a beautiful painting not a photogragh. Thanks for the compliments on the lamb dinner and also thanks for letting me drag you outside for the "Sangre de Cristo effect". We loved having both of you here.
    I think Wolfie misses your Sweetie.