Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Seeded Sourdough

Having ‘gone down the rabbit hole’ of wild yeast breads, as Tanna of My Kitchen in Half Cups so nicely put it, I’m going enthusiastically into bread making with my starters. This week I made a seeded sourdough sandwich loaf using the whole wheat starter, Polly. It turned out quite well, although next time I plan to knead in even more seeds. It was really delicious!

I'll post the recipe later...have to go pack. Heading off to be with our daughter and her beau. When next there is a post here, it will be the November Daring Baker challenge, but it's likely to be late in the day on posting day, so go check out other DBs on the blogroll...see the side bar for a link.

Have a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving and harvest time!


  1. ;) I'm so happy to see you making yourself so comfy in the wild yeast rabbit hole! Seeds make it all a new adventure don't they and are so wonderful.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Yay! Wild yeast is the best, isn't it? And seeds ... ooh, yeah. I usually manage to get about 1/2C of flax seeds & 1/2C of oat bran into every loaf, although the wild yeasts don't really like that much 'gunk' in the bread & refuse to rise very well.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Elle! I've been in bread making mood for the last month! Been making about 2 loaves a week! Hope you are having a wonderful holiday!