Sunday, November 29, 2009


My Inner Elf has popped up, just in time for holiday baking and crafts, so posts are being put on hold while flour flies in the kitchen.

Last Wednesday I made the third of three related loaves of tasty, whole grain yeasted bread to send with family who were returning to River City and them to the East Coast. The first loaf had been made the previous Tuesday and the second loaf a day or two later, but family visiting always trumps blogging so no posts were made until today.

Head on over to Bread Baker's Dog to get the full scoop and the recipes. The braided versions can make nice holiday gifts and/or grace your holiday table.

The URL is


  1. Anonymous1:23 AM

    Ah! The awesome bread. That was so good I hoped there wouldn't be room in their luggage. I'm glad the recipe will now be readily available. It was SO good!
    Love and hugs,

  2. Anonymous5:07 AM

    Ever time I see a bread baked on a blog, I feel a pang of "Dang, I need to start baking more bread..I miss it"", and then I never get to it! In any event, what a gorgeous loaf of lovliness! I LOVE breads containing a mix of flours and/or grains.seeds etc. especially using my SD starter. Yours looks amazing, and I wish I had it right in front of me with a crock of softened butter and a knife! :)

  3. I LOVE the way the braid has 'pulled' upon baking. It makes it look really nice!

    Regarding your previous post, I am grateful for a lot of things in life, but on a funny note, I'm grateful to Office Depot for their deals on laptops. I got the one I've been coveting for a long time now ;)

  4. Lovely loaf! Definitely family is more important than blogging.

  5. Hmm, melting butter on warm bread...

    (comments on Bread Bakers Dog don't seem to be working)

  6. Anonymous8:39 AM

    Natasha makes a great German inspired fruit bread (and Apple Baby) and shares the wealth with family and freinds. Perhaps she can be persuaded to write a guest blog? I'm sorry I missed the rest of the family, but I'm grateful for my three sons and the three elves here in the ruddy state.


  7. I never seem to get my braids looking as perfect at yours :( what's the secret?

  8. That looks like a wonderful loaf of bread. You can see how nice and chewy it will be from the way its stretched. Yum

  9. 2009 was the year of bread for me. I have had such a wonderful time learning all about bread and baking wonderful loaves for family and friends.
    Your braid looks great, another loaf I am going try!

  10. This looks lovely! I like how nicely your braid is. This is the kind of bread that I would love to slather up with nutella and devour!!

  11. Anon, So glad that you enjoyed it. Let me know if you bake makes awesome toast!

    Lisamichelle, do bake is a perfect pastime for winter.

    A and N, Thanks!Cool about the new laptop...I'd be grateful, too :)

    Lynn, I agree and know you understand.

    Andreas, Thanks for the heads up on the BBD comments. I just had Sweetie check and he was able to comment now.

    NoHandle, I'm looking forward to some of that wonderful stollen for Christmas...I hope, I hope. Sorry you couldn't be here, but for a good reason. I'm grateful to have you as a sib and that you commented :) Hugs to the three sons, three elves and lovely wife.

    Cynthia, Not sure about the braids, but I do braid from the middle to each end and braid very loosely...maybe that is the key.

    Katie, I love the gluten strands that show up with braiding, too. The braided one I ate did have a nice chewiness.

    Rose, Bread baking does become addictive...especailly with sourdough starter in the fridge. Hope that 2010 is just as full of bread baking for you!

    Dharm, I can see your lovely kids with a piece in each hand, covered in Nutella!