Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Better Than Baking By Myself

Although I really enjoy baking bread in my kitchen, a few days ago I had even more fun sharing bread baking with a good friend who wasn't sure that she could bake bread from scratch. Since she loves to eat bread and really appreciates good bread, that was unacceptable. Now Miss G is not only a super intelligent and delightful, high-energy person, but she bakes wonderful things all the time. I was pretty sure that she would take to yeasted bread baking like a duck to water...and I was right! Her Knotted Wheat Rolls were better than my attempt at that recipe and the Cranberry Walnut Braid was magnificent!

Read all about it over at Bread Baker's Dog. Speaking of dogs, if you love dogs, you would adore her rescued grayhound Zeph. I don't have a photo, but he is elegant, the golden brown of a lovely loaf of bread, and very curious, too. If you have any interest in having your own grayhound, the effort to rescue them is very worthy and saves their lives once their racetrack loving owners have tired of them. Miss G would be happy to send information...just leave a comment for me ore e-mail me at elle dot lachman at gmail dot com and I'll let her know.

I'll be posting here soon with some Christmas goodies. Spent lots of time today doing the getting ready for the holidays, wrapping gifts, baking gifts, wrapping the baked goodies, cards and cleaning. Hard to believe that there is less than a week to go before Santa arrives! Yikes!!

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  1. YES~! More fun with a crowd, baking is! The Great Cookie Haul begins the day after Christmas; looking forward to it.