Sunday, May 01, 2011

Spring Thanks

It's May! It's May! the lusty month of May!

And finally we are getting sunshine and warmer weather. Sweetie's SF sister generously gave me some lovely bulbs. Due to the injured knee they went into the ground later than usual, but have now put forth cheerful, delightful blooms. First were the tiny white narcissus that have at least two and sometimes three flowers per stalk. They start out with a pale yellow glow but turn pure white in time.

Just yesterday the first of the daffodils arrived and I love its pale apricot trumpet and pure white petals. A big 'Thank You' to her. Flowers and May just seem to go hand in hand, don't they.

We also bought the first local strawberries of the season, which will get eaten neat. Sorry, no recipes right now because they need no adornment they are so perfect as is. Later there will surely be strawberry recipes and probably rhubarb recipes, cherry recipes and so on as the season unfolds. Happy May dear reader!


  1. Wow! Have never seen an apricot middle for a daff. Here, there are no daffodils; they call them narcissus - I thought that was an wholly different flower, but they also call moose "elk," so there's a whole lot of confusion going on.

    Glorious sun. We are getting a thin and wind-swept taste of sunny weather, but though still quite cool, we've had more sun than I remember for quite awhile. Thank God.

  2. Wow. I've never seen anything but white or yellow daffodils. That's beautiful!!

    Not much sun here right now but the forsythia blossoms are so brilliant that they are making up for it.