Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Slept Through the 31st

What a way to end the month of posts...I slept through most of the 31st. Took a flu shot but seems like I got some sort of flu anyway...fever, painful joints, super sleepy, no appetite, get the idea.

So this will have to count as yesterday's post...and all it is going to be is a photo of Get Well Soup. To get the recipe go HERE.

It was a blast doing the daily posts but I think February will be more like most months last year. Do check in on the 16th for the Bread Baking Babe post.

Well, back to bed. Hope you, dear reader, are feeling tip top and healthy. I'll get there soon, too.

XO Elle


  1. Oh, no!
    Back to bed wi' ye.
    Your stew looks wonderful - been trying to work on this one, even sans the seitan, the gravy looks beautifully silky. Trying to find a wine substitute; my allergy to sulfites has grown more acute, so no wine at all now, not even in cooking... suggestions? When you feel better, of course.

  2. Jeepers I'm sorry to hear your under the weather but that soup looks like it should have you up and totally revved soon!

  3. Hope you feel better soon! I've enjoyed reading all of the posts, but totally understand that the pressure of posting everyday isn't something I could put up with either!

  4. So sorry the flu caught you! I hope your soup fixed everything and you're feeling better soon.

  5. So sorry to hear you were under the weather and trust you are feeling much better now. How could you not with such a wonderful soup to nurture you?

    I think I'm going to to pretend to be sick just so I can have a bowl of this fabulous looking life-giving soup!

  6. Tanita, love the stew. The only thing I can think of instead of wine is some balsamic gives a bit of the fermented grape flavor.

    Tanna, much better now (of course it's been a week) thanks!

    David, Thanks. Glad you have enjoyed the posts. It was fun doing them, just a bit of feeling stretched towards the end.

    Lynn, Yep, better and better, thanks!

    Elizabeth, Chicken soup is all purpose makes-you-feel-good stuff, sick or not. I'll bet yours would be even more delicious because of your creativity in the kitchen.