Friday, March 23, 2012


I promised you more posts using the lovely serving pieces from but have been so busy that I really haven't cooked or baked anything that would work. Instead I'm going to put some Easter treats into them and post the photos so that you can see how nice they are. I suspect you will find inspiration for your own springtime offerings.

Not only is this cup elegant due to the proportions but they also have picks. This one has a pearl look at the top and would look elegant with something other than Easter candy.

This bowl is three inches across and an inch high and has that nice speckled effect on the outside.


  1. The cutting board is so gorgeous, and all I can think is GREEN CANDY CORNS, OH, MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!

    I have a horrible time believing that this stuff is biodegradable. It is just too gorgeous to be disposable!!

  2. Easter candy as come a long and pink candy corns are excellent! I did wash one of these pieces after use because it was too pretty to just throw out, but it warped just a bit...I guess we are meant to let them go :)