Friday, May 11, 2012

Gunston Hall

Many moons ago I belonged to a college debate club at George Mason College (now University). One year we were invited to have silibub and ginger cookies by the fire in the fairly plain but beautiful family dining room at Gunston Hall, Colonial era home of the champion of the Bill of Rights, George Mason. It is located on Mason Neck on the Potomac River about 5 miles south of the better known Mount Vernon.

 Returned there today and took a tour of the house. Remembered how much I enjoyed that evening with my friends, but enjoyed seeing much more of the house and outbuildings today with Mom and Sweetie. The weather was perfect and the gentleman giving the tour was a delight. Photo above shows part of the kitchen, which is in an outbuilding to the north of the main house. Imagine having to cook over an open fire and then transfer all the food across  to the main house, hopefully keeping it warm enough as you went!

Mom loves the cookbook! She has the one and only First Edition but I hope to have multiple copies printed in about a month.There will also be a PDF version. More details as I know 'em. No recipe today. Creating this post on my Mom's iPad, and adding iPhone photos using regular computer via e-mail. How great is technology?

Finished off with pizza for lunch at Vinny's, an independent pizza place. Very yummy. Mom was good and had a whole wheat wrap with chicken and veggies...and a bite of my pizza and Sweetie's calzone. More fun coming up tomorrow when siblings and nephew arrive.
 XO Elle


  1. Holy moly what a great trip! Would love to see this cookbook you bring up.
    I'm very fascinated by the out building kitchen of long ago; take the heat out of the house in the summer time but you want it in the house in the winter, always sounds so logical to me.
    Technology is great when it's easy enough to stay out of the way of the creative process.

  2. Yes, some folks in Sonoma Co have summer kitchens& it's great to keep the heat outside.
    Will send you a PDF of cookbook later this month so you can take a look.

  3. marian10:07 PM

    I remember that event at Gunston Hall. I was so impressed by your group and the speeches. So glad you got to go back!