Saturday, June 30, 2012

Buddy, Buddy, Buddy...

It's always fun to see the great bakers who choose to be Buddies and bake with the Bread Baking Babes towards the end of the month. Since I was the lucky Kitchen of the Month for June it was even more fun to see all the ways that our Buddies...and there were quite a few...took the recipe and made it their own, in one case skipping right over our recipe and going back to Farine's wonderful Morning Cuddles that inspired our recipe.

Different nuts were used, different flours, different dried fruits, even different levains. Overall these talented bakers made each kind of twist their own, so now we have lots of options when we want to make 'em many have said they will.

Many thanks to our bodacious Bread Baking Babes for all of their versions, too. We had everything from thin bread sticks to nice wide twists perfect for sandwiches. Below are the Buddies in alphabetical order. Each entry has a link to their post so that you can go and admire their lovely Oatmeal Twists!

 Agnes of Szeretetrehangoltan blog - made Oatmeal Twists - beautiful twists with whole wheat flour, rosemary and walnuts from her garden. Lovely oatmeal on top of twists.

 Breadsong of The Fresh Loaf blog - made Barley Twists - substituting barley malt and flour for the oats and adding golden raisins and Breadsong also made Cinnamon Cuddles, very much inspired by Farine.

Carola of Sweet and That's It blog - made Oatmeal Twists -  with a nice vanilla touch, also she substituted oil for the butter to lower calories and used dried cranberries and pecans. She didn't like the way the first ones turned out (although they tasted fine) and her second batch, as you can see if you go to her post, are beautiful twists!

Cathy of Bread Experience blog - made My Buddy Twists - crusty twists using a spelt levain and spelt flour, hazelnuts, and dates.  They look yummy.

Connie of My Discovery of Bread blog - made Farine's Morning Cuddles -  with walnuts and dates and a lovely rustic twist. They baked up golden even with the challenge of almost running out of fuel.

  Gilad of Vegan - made Oatmeal Twists - lovely twists, braids and a crescent using potato and soy flours and oil to make them vegan, plus dried plums and nuts for flavor.

  Judy of Judy's Gross Eats blog - made Oatmeal Twists - using oatmeal flour instead of the oatmeal, making the poolish, freezing them, too.

Kelly of A Messy Kitchen blog - made Summer Twist - creatively made with cinnamon, pecans and twisted into a bit hug! There is even the plus of frosting.

Sandie of Crumbs of Love blog - made Oatmeal Twists - lovely little twists packed with oatmeal, dried fruits and nuts using the poolish with a little rye flour added. Sandie used dried blueberries and pecans and, it seems, probably in another batch, dried figs and walnuts with a little anise seed...sounds great.

Thanks to all the Buddies for baking with the Babes in June. Hope you will join us next month, too.
XO Elle


  1. Excellent round up, Elle! Seeing all these lovely twists is reminding me that I must make oatmeal twists again.

    Thank you for choosing them for June. They really were wonderful.

  2. Whole lot a twisting going on here!
    Fabulous new buddies too!

  3. Beautiful round up, Elle!
    You've chosen an excellent recipe that I will bake forever.
    I've deep frozen them and thaken them out every morning for breakfast: we were all deliciously spoilt".
    Now they have all gone and the family ask for more.
    Having baked "two batches" I was so much quicker with the "roll and twist" exercise :-)
    Thank you again

  4. Anonymous7:48 PM

    thanks for the fun!