Sunday, February 03, 2013

Fantan Round-Up

I really enjoyed the Jam Fantans I made, but when I saw the beautiful and drool worthy ones made by this month's Bread Baking Buddies, I wanted at least one of each to enjoy with some hot tea. These women are clearly excellent bakers since they were able to figure out my slightly wonky recipe and to make rolls with a variety of fillings. My hat is off to each of you! Thanks for baking with the Bread Baking Babes this January. The year is off to a good start! Don't miss our Anniversary recipe which will be posted on Feb. 16th.

In alpha order by first name:

Carola of Sweet and That's It
Carola baked gorgeous fantans which included maple syrup, apricot jam and mixed toasted chopped nuts. The nuts made these look even more delicious than ones without, but maybe that's because I love nuts.    

Cathy of Bread Experience
Cathy filled her delicious looking fantans with lemon jelly and strawberry vanilla jam She also used her own sourdough starter.

Connie of My Discovery of Bread
Connie created stunning fantans with lychee jam and marmalade for a friend. Wish I had a friend like that!  

Gilad of Especially Sweet
Gilad's stunning fantans were made with beautiful handmade strawberry jam giving bright red spot to the rolls. I can imagine the wonderful flavor, too.

Kate of FoodBabbles
Imagine how delicious Kate's fantans were since she filled them with either cinnamon sugar or peach lavender jam. Lovely to look at, too, almost like flowers.

Sandie of Crumbs of Love
Sandie made speculaa flavored fantans for a wonderful spicy treat. I have a huge sweet tooth, so I also love the icing.

Again, thank you all for being Bread Baking Buddies this month! Hope you'll bake with us next month, too.
XO Elle


  1. Wonderful round up, love to see all these funny rolls one after another! Well done all.

  2. Wonderful Wonderful and you inspired a song!

  3. Yum! Now I want to make them again because I ate them all. Thanks for hosting.

  4. Lien, they really are funny rolls. Thanks!

    Tanna, must be the wish for spring is inspiring us.

    Cathy, Yeah, me too, want some now. Thanks for baking with us.