Sunday, February 23, 2014


We are fortunate to have new grass after last week's wonderful, long awaited rain. We also have been lending part of our property to neighbors as pasture. This past Thursday we welcomed two new lambs! One is a boy and one a girl. They are so cute, but, as newborns, sleep a lot. These are photos from this morning.

The neighbors also bring in hay and the lamb with the black head was asleep on top of some of the hay when the mom sheep (a hair sheep, hence the weird looking coat...not fleece, but matted hair) decided that she wanted to eat that particular bit of hay, so she sort of ate under it and the little sleeping lamb slid off onto the ground and woke up. Guess all that nursing makes the ewe hungry! Top photo was taken after the lamb work up and she seems fine.

Happy Sunday!

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