Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Surprise

My darling daughter had a visitor from out of town over the weekend, so I didn't think we would see her. Imagine my delight when she phoned Easter morning and said she wanted to visit at lunch time. The friend had to fly home in the morning.

We agreed that if I could get some eggs hard cooked in the morning that we would both love to color the eggs. She could take them home to have for lunch at work during the week.

It was a gorgeous day in the mid 70s, with a light breeze. We set up the little dishes with food coloring, vinegar and boiling water out on the deck and had our fun listening to the birds and watching the butterflies flit by. What a wonderful way to spend Easter afternoon.

Hope your weekend was great, too!

Want to learn how to color Easter eggs the old fashioned way? (Even if it is past Easter, eggs are a symbol of Spring and in some places, and you really know this year who you are, it is just barely past winter...a perfect way to celebrate the warming of the weather and coming of the flowers and new leaves...color eggs.

This method uses hard cooked, cooled eggs, food color, vinegar and boiling some creativity.
Give it a try! The link takes you to step by step directions. Child's play really.


  1. Gosh they are so pretty and what a lovely surprise for you. Can you eat the eggs after you ahve dyed them?

  2. Katie, yes you can eat them if you use food save colors like we do and vinegar to set the color. Unless there are cracks, the color stays on the shell anyway. You should try's fun! There is a link at the bottom to my post telling how to do it.