Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Bee Cake

Although I love to bake, there are times, like last evening's family gathering, when there is too much else going on and a purchased cake is the ultimate indulgence. Although there are a few really great cake places nearby, my favorite bakery for cakes is still Freeport Bakery in Sacramento. I've been enjoying their cakes for a long time and because I only get to have some, on average, about two or three years apart, I really make sure to savor every bite.

For the gathering our Sacramento area contingent brought two of their baked goodies, a delicious Key lime pie and a Bee Cake. Although I enjoyed the pie, I really loved the bee cake, with it's honey butter cream and delicate vanilla cake. If you ever get a chance to visit the Freeport Bakery, I can tell you that every variety of cake I've ever had there has been outstanding, so enjoy and indulge.


  1. What a lovely cake. Such a clever design and I love its actually a honey cake too

  2. Ooh, nice cross-section slice picture... the layers themselves are not so thick, so this would be doable with a series of smallish pans... hm.

    What kind of frosting?

  3. Tanita, Not sure what the bakery used, some kind of butter cream with honey added There was also a thin layer of puree put on each layer before the buttercream. Apricot and honey I think. It was yum!