Friday, July 17, 2015

Missing Max

Sometimes a person comes into your life who is wise, funny, curious, joyful, smart, loving and who makes you laugh. If you are lucky, it's your own boy. He brought all this, and more, to me, to his Dad and sister and to many family members, friends and others in the world for almost 17 years. Today marks 16 years without that love, except in our hearts. Miss you my son.


  1. Next Sister Down2:01 PM

    Thinking of you all today and will toast Max with Irish Mist this evening. Many hugs.

  2. His smile so reminds me of yours. Raising a scone and a mug of tea over here in Scotland.

  3. Thanks Next Sister Down and Tanita. Love both choices of food and drink to toast with. I did tea myself, and picked blackberries. He was a big fan of blackberries from an early age and we are just starting to get the ripe king berries (first berry on the cluster).