Thursday, May 26, 2016

Scenes from the Garden

Along with all the other fun in life, working in the garden has taken up time and has been a joy these past few weeks. We ate the first decent sized zucchini today (had a tiny one grilled last week...just a baby) and it was so good.

The new garden next to the steps up to the front door and deck is looking really great! The morning glories produce varied colors to welcome each day, the bright orange nasturtium flowers look wonderful next to the brilliant blue of the lobelia.

 In the main garden, near the barn, the peas and beans are up, along with tiny basil and nasturtium seedlings.

Sweet peas should be blooming soon and so should some lovely poppies. The transplanted lemon tree, rose and daphne shrubs are doing well and sending out new leaves. Here is the daphne, along with a beautiful pink geranium and bocopa.

 I think I'm going to have a bumper crop of pumpkins with seedlings that have sprung up from the pumpkins I put in the spent beds to compost. Should be fun to see what they turn out to look like! It's a treat each day to see the growth that spring brings! Look at how much they have grown since May 5th. I just thinned them out a bit, so they should really grow now. They share the barrel with seedlings for morning glories and zinnia.

 One of the biggest changes has been to the main planter near the walk

 Here is a wide view of what I see from the kitchen window.

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  1. It's stayed foggy/cool here until this week, with the exception of a pair of days it got into the 80's in March. It's been very cool at night, though, until this week we've finally started warming. This hasn't stopped volunteers from getting into our garden space. We have some kind of squash or cuke flowering and tomatoes, tomatoes everywhere. And herbs. Going to have to transplant a few things this weekend, but the garden is coming along. Putting in sunflowers and morning glories this weekend, though; yours are just gorgeous!