Sunday, June 26, 2016

Garden In Late June

Today when we got home from an overnight visit to Wilton, near Sacramento, the squash plants had produced another 7 very large zucchini squash.

The garden is looking so great right now. I also harvested another handful of snow peas and noticed that some of the pumpkins are getting bigger. The photo above is of both pumpkin and zucchini plants plus the very energetic morning glories I planted from seed I gathered last year.

The pumpkin plants by the climbing rose and lemon tree will probably need to come out because they are taking over the area and spilling well on to the sidewalk to the barn. I'm going to see if a neighbor wants them. I think some of them might transplant OK even though they are getting big.

The poppies are giving lots of color to the bed by the front porch. I love seeing what blooms each morning.

Just wanted to share some of the photos I took on Saturday morning. Quite a change from a month ago. back by the red rose are the snow pea plants. We'll be getting beans in a week or so from plants just to the left of the snow peas, and the cucumbers are finally growing strongly, so maybe mid-July for the first cukes from the garden.

Happy Summer!

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