Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A Garden Update

Harvest time has arrived. We've been getting about 3-4 good sized zucchini every day all summer. That's still going on, but now the grape (teardrop?) tomatoes have really gotten ripe...and there are lots of them...

and the Gravenstein apples are very ripe, too.

Getting nice cucumbers every few days and the second production of green beans is starting to come in, too. One lonely golf ball sized tomato (maybe a black krim...not sure) has ripened, but more are coming.

There is lots of Swiss chard, although not many takers. The basil continues to produce by the front steps.

 At last count we have 22 pumpkins of various sizes turning from green to orange.

The pears and plums were early and sparse this year and are done. Soon there will be walnuts, too. We feel blessed.

Of course I always plant flowers for their loveliness. There is a nice pot of zinnias by the front porch,

along with pots of magenta cosmos, yellow verbena, blue lobelia, orange snapdragons, red poppies (flower at top of post), golden California poppies and more.

The sweet peas astound me as they continue to bloom despite heat spells and the occasional neglect when I forget to water them. As you can probably see, I've also not been good at weeding this year and I usually try to avoid using pesticides, so there are signs of that, too.

 The morning glories keep coming

and so do the roses. I only have four rose shrubs now, which is enough really. The white climber, which is between blooms, the red single,

the aromatic Scentimental, and the yellow floribunda, also between blooms.

One daylily plant is still blooming, too. I planted a pot to sit on the tree stump by the upper entry into our driveway. It has shade tolerant red and white flowers and they are a nice greeting.

I used some of the same plants for a planter on the steps up to the front door, plus, one step up, another planter with a blue convulvus, a member of the morning glory tribe. I love the intense blue color!

Each day is a revelation and an opportunity to appreciate beauty. More recipes soon, I promise.

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  1. Our tomatoes have been soooo slow this year! They're there, but they're green. Luckily, the carrots and cukes are flourishing, though small. Your flowers are really lovely, too.