Monday, December 05, 2016

On The Strand

Over the weekend my smart daughter and I took a road trip to Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach and similar beach communities just below Los Angeles Airport in southern California.

She will be moving down there soon and we were on the hunt for the perfect apartment for her.

First we stopped overnight in Santa Barbara where I finally met Kilho and Suzanne, two of her friends and their totally captivating two year old, the Notorious Eloise. Above is a photo from Kilho's Facebook page. They love garlic as much as I do and our time there was far too short. Hope to spend more time with them on future visits to the LA area.

On Sunday we visited various apartments and did find a place that seems to be pretty perfect. We also stayed with a new friend...another P.E.O. scholarship group member. We stayed overnight at her lovely home on The Strand in Manhattan Beach. If you believe in prayer, please say a few for her friend Derek who is very ill. Maybe add one or two for her since she is doing so much for him, too.

Above is a photo taken by Kate from just after sunset from A's deck. In the morning there was fog when I took a walk along the beach.

All that sitting in the car is not good for us, so some walking is a fine antidote.

No recipes since this trip didn't involve kitchen time, but I should have one or two for you soon.

We made it safely home this evening and had a rousing greeting by Pi dog and big hugs from Sweetie. Tired, but happy. Time to go to bed.

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