Saturday, April 29, 2017

Accidents Happen

Glad we took the day trip last Saturday. Sunday Sweetie was finally able to get out the tractor and mower deck and do the high weed mowing. Due to the weekly doses of rain, the ground is still a little soft and some of the weeds are over my head. He did a wonderful job and was on the last pass when the big tire in the rear first hit a low a slightly mucky spot, then hit a apple tree root hidden in the grass. They were both uphill of the tractor, which was the reason that the tractor flipped over.

Sweetie fortunately must have instinctively launched himself a bit because his leg wasn't trapped, but the seat back did hit him on the right side and he suffered a couple of cracked ribs. Pretty painful, although the pain hit him that night instead of sooner.

Sooo it has been almost a week and he is improving daily. Not a whole lot of baking this week and no photos, so the only one is of the accident. We are very grateful that it wasn't worse. The doc said that Sweetie is a very lucky guy!

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