Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Some Photos To Enjoy

No recipe, just some photos.

First some garden photos:

Then some photos from the summer project...hopefully finished.

Next post will have recipes.


  1. Have a bit of garden envy! We have... figs, at present, and citrus fruit getting larger, but had to leave our wee garden behind in this move. I have seeds, though, and there's always next year. (When your glories go into seed, don't forget to grab the seeds!)

  2. Tanita, I always save morning glory and sweet pea seeds for the following year. That is one reason I have so many morning glories this year, plus the ones that self seeded everywhere! Figs are always a great thing to have. My meyer lemon bloomed like crazy this year but didn't set any fruit, so I am envious of the citrus.