Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Had To Share Coast Photos

I know that I haven't been posting very many recipes, but it's been too hot. I did make my favorite cole slaw yesterday, but the day before was just a salad with the most recently posted salad dressing and I haven't baked for quite a while. Hope to soon.

We did, however, go out to the Sonoma coast two days in a row, so I have some photos. Hope that is a reasonable hot weather substitute.

brown pelicans and one seagull

looking South
looking North


  1. Yay! Glad you got out to the coast - and thanks for sharing the pictures!

  2. Was it still hot out there? Or at least warmer than usual? My sister went with friends to Ft. Bragg and hopped in a canoe with relief.

  3. David, yes, it was good to get to the ocean. Glad you enjoyed the photos. I always enjoy the ones y'all post.
    Tanita, it was still hot out there, but a bit cooler. Smokey everywhere the whole weekend and even today a bit this morning. Gotta feel sorry for the people in Oregon who are being sprinkled with ash, too.