Friday, November 03, 2017

Back From The Visit

It really is a luxury to be able to fly across the country and then to be able to drive around Maryland and Virginia and visit a whole raft of family and friends in different places. I am grateful to have those family and friends and to be able to go and for Sweetie for doing all the driving.

We started with a visit to my aunt who is only a year older than I am, a happy circumstance brought about by the remarriage of my grandfather. She and her hubby are always delightful to be with and we had a great lunch together. They were a bit mystified by Sweetie's obvious enjoyment of a sushi plate since sushi is not their favorite food. I enjoy sushi, so I was able to savor the tuna on the right at the bottom of the photo. Thanks Sweetie!

After a long, big-truck-filled drive on some interstates, we arrived in Lexington, Virginia, a beautiful old town with the Virginia Military Institute (which you drive through shortly after leaving the interstate) and Washington and Lee University, (which comes next). Being a college town there are lots of libraries and some great bookstores. They also have an indoor swim center which Sweetie's sister uses regularly to keep fit. We had a nice long visit with her and her partner. Their home is filled with beautiful art, lots of books and some nice antiques. I had fun cooking with her and we 'solved all the world's problems' with long stretches of conversation. I helped cook a few meals, but my camera was out of power, so no photos. This will become a bit of an ongoing theme this trip. Great food, but few photos of it.

Too soon were were back on the road, driving east through Charlottesville, home of the University of Virginia, and onward to the Chesapeake Bay and beyond.

On tap next was a visit with my younger brother, his wife, and their two sons.We checked into our motel the Island Inn, and discovered that there was a water view and late afternoon sunlight streaming into the very comfortable, spacious room.

It was getting on towards evening, but we headed to my brother's home for Friday night dinner with the family. One of the evenings there I made some stuffed apples, but no photos. Sorry. Kate made delicious roasted veggies, cucumber salad, and served a local specialty, stuffed ham, which was delicious. One other night we had excellent chicken cooked on the grill by Jack.

During our stay in the area we had lots of great food. This included lunch at Courtney's an old time sort of fish place that my Dad would have felt most at home in. I had fried oysters that were absolutely wonderful! Had so much fun eating them and conversing with the fam that I forgot to take photos of the food. Here is one of the outside of the building.

Well, that's enough travelogue for now. More soon on a concert in Old St. Mary's and an unusual 'family' reunion.

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  1. Great memories and this will bring many back even with no photos.