Saturday, March 24, 2018

Just Past the Ides of March

All you Shakespeare lovers know that the Ides of March (March 15) was when Julius Caesar was killed. A couple days later is Sweetie's birthday. This year that included Sweetie being stricken by a particularly virulent dose of the flu. Even being born on St. Patrick's Day couldn't save him! Fortunately I was feeling better so I was able to care for him...until...I was stricken as well three days later. Fortunately he was a little better by then, so he took care of me during the first three days, which are the bad ones. Didn't even turn on the computer for the better part of five days...some sort of a record for me! If you have noticed that this blog went silent and Facebook, too, well that is the explanation. Today the fever broke, so I'm on the mend and feeling more human than I was. Not sure what sort of creature I was the first couple of days, but hardly human. Thanks for all the Facebook good wishes. I managed to use my cell phone some and they make it easy to post photos to Facebook.

Hope to have some food posts up soon. While I was less than human we had a new lamb born in our pasture. Finally walked out to see it this afternoon...tiny and curly black coated and so cute! Of course the short walk did me in so I took a nap.

Hope that you, dear reader, have been having a better time of it than I. Stay safe, well, and as happy as you can manage.

XO, Elle

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  1. Oh, I miss having lambs in the pasture back of our flat! They were so cute to watch. Now I only have... ducks, herons, and the odd egret. A reasonable trade, I suppose.