Wednesday, June 27, 2018


Haven't been posting of late because I've been doing some art work...acrylic painting to be exact. It has been a long time since I've painted with acrylics (except for murals, but they also used wall paint) and I have been struggling trying to adjust to this different medium. Prior I was mostly painting with watercolors, where you go from light to dark. With acrylics it is the opposite...dark to light. There is also the issue of how the paints spread...or don't. In watercolor painting you add more water...easy. With acrylics apparently adding more water can make the paint tacky which is the opposite of what I was trying for. I took a class on Sunday at Riley Street and found out that there is a product which is used to thin the paint and make it easier to work. The Sennielier brand (and the class was taught with that brand - thank you Camille!) it's called 'binder' which is a strange term for something that helps loosen, but it works!

For quite a while I have been trying different things on a seascape that I'm painting for K. It's pretty large, with three canvas panels joined together for the painting, although they will be hung with a little space between them as far as I know. 

Nothing was working, which is unusual for me. I tried going to visit other artists (ArtTrails) which helped some. I tried viewing YouTube videos, which helped some. The class on Sunday was the best help. I'm truly grateful to other artist who share their expertise.

Below are some thumbnails size photos of the painting as it has been progressing since Sunday. Having fun now! I think I'm about half done. Will be posting some delicious food soon. I have made the food and have photos, but the paint is calling....

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  1. Wow... she's lucky. They are going to be beautiful!! I'm so bad with color. That's why I make quilts. I love working with the precision of patterns and think the struggle with colors is good for my mind. I think K will be absolutely thrilled.