Saturday, December 15, 2018

Popular Cookies To Bake For Christmas

Yesterday I received a lovely letter from a niece and in it she asked about Christmas cookies I might recommend. I was touched that she would ask. Today I sent her a few links and it occured to me that you, my dear readers, might want some suggestions, too.

If you read this blog on your phone or tablet you may never see the side bars. These include the calendar with direct links to past posts and more, but my favorite is the link to my recipe index. Unfortunately I haven't kept this up to date, but there are still hundreds of great recipes, organized by type. To get to web wies, scroll down to the bottom and click on Web View. That should take you to the view that has side bars.

In web view, to the right, near the top, there is a photo of a set table with rust colored table cloth. If you click on that it takes you to a recipe index. Scroll down to cookies and have fun seeing what interests you.

My two favorite cookies for Christmas are Santa's Whiskers which is a refrigerator cookie shaped in a log, chilled, sliced and baked. The nice thing is that you can leave the log in the fridge or freezer and slice and bake as needed, plus it has seasonal colors and is delicious. The second is for a rolled gingerbread cookie that you cut out, bake and decorate. Usually rolled cookies are tricky but this dough works easily and the cookies have just the right amount of seasonal spice. You can use purchased icing to decorate or make Royal icing yourself. Katherine and I enjoy being creative with icing and sprinkles and last year (I think) she also purchased a powder that gives a metallic glow. This is a long standing tradition, as you can see from the first photo.

Here are the links for the Santa's Whiskers without coconut (barbered). .

I make them without having the log rolled in coconut (the whiskers) because not everyone here likes coconut. To do the whiskers, just roll the fresh log of dough in dry coconut (can be found at health food stores & many groceries) or shredded moist coconut. Wrap, refrigerate and proceed as usual.

Here is the link for the Swedish gingerbread cookies.

Here is the link for the blog in general.

Have fun!

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