Saturday, June 01, 2019

Food Blogging Is Taking Back Seat

Just checking in...Time for you to start wandering through old posts I guess. Between the burgeoning garden...the soil is finally warming up and so are the days...and the room painting going on in the living room (see photo above), there just isn't much time or energy left for food blogging. Today I finished painting the crown molding at the ceiling and my neck is sore since it is only a bit different than painting the of the worst painting jobs in my opinion.

 Of course we are eating, but it's not the most exciting stuff. Today I made Cobb salad and yesterday we had turkey sausages and an onion/mushroom/red pepper relish that I love with the sausages, plus hot sugar snap peas and garlic. Mostly I don't think to take photos and I'm not baking these days either. I'm sure I will be soon, so hang in there and keep checking back, OK?

Hope that your spring is a good one.

XO, Elle


  1. Next Sister Down9:04 AM

    I feel your (neck) pain! I'm painting my living room and dining room ceiling this week. I did the primer yesterday, planning to do the top coat today. I've been putting it off because ceiling painting is one of the worst. Not as bad as window woodwork, though!

  2. You are a brave soul. I actually don't mind painting window trim. I do a section at a time, let that dry, then move on to the next section and it seems to work well. Sending you virtual hugs NSD!