Thursday, March 26, 2020

Spring Flowers

Along with the rest of the world, we are weathering the virus pandemic by, mostly, staying at home. We do go into town to walk the dog many days because the roads around our home are dangerous due to ditches and people driving fast. It might look bucolic, but people drive up that hill at 60 MPH. Beyond that Sweetie went to the local mom and pop grocery today to stock up for the next week or so and everyone kept social distance according to him.

A joy during this scary time has been my garden. I've been planting seeds and seedlings. Some of those in pots and planters were moved inside last night due to frost this morning...which showed up as announced. The planters will stay inside today and go out tomorrow since tonight's low  is still in the lower 30s. The lily bulbs are starting to send up their new growth, too, like in the photo above. Weeding is being done, slowly, so I don't injure myself. Best of all, I've been enjoying the spring bulbs as they bloom and the fruit trees as they bloom.

We have had plums and quince and are now having pear blossoms. Soon will come blackberry blooms and apple blossoms.

The flowers have included grape hyacinth, now finished, plus daffodils and tulips and pot marigolds and deep pink azaleas.

The first California poppies just opened yesterday and it happens to be one that has overwintered twice and has a beautiful flower with stripes of orange and terra cotta on the petals. I's a double, too, so very spectacular.

Hope that you are staying safe and healthy and able to enjoy the change of seasons, too. Will have recipes soon.

XO, Elle

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