Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Future Squash

We have been getting some nice zucchini squash for a few weeks now. I also planted some winter squash - butternut and delicata. This morning I finally saw a bloom on a squash blossom for the delicata. The color is paler than the zucchini blossoms and somehow it looks more delicate, too. This one is a male blossom, but I expect a female blossom soon. Have never been able to grow delicata squash before...the young plants always died or were eaten by I'm excited to see how they grow.

Have been grilling the zucchini and making my favorite pasta sauce. HERE is the link to the recipe. The nice thing about this sauce is that you can skip any meat and add about 8 oz. mushrooms to the sauce and have a really nice vegetarian version. The wonderful thing about the summer squash is that it soaks up the flavors of the herbs (and mushrooms if using) so you can cook it for a short time and have the flavors of a sauce that gets simmered for a long time over low heat. That's really nice in summer...less use of the stove means a cooler kitchen!

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  1. We've gotten out the camping stove and set it up outside... I'm no longer making things that need to cook for a long time (like jam) indoors!! It's just too warm, and if I can do it in the morning outside, it's a nice excuse to sit in my chair and use the umbrella before it gets too windy.