Sunday, July 25, 2021


This is going to be a post with no cooking or baking, just some happenings and photos.

Sweetie's friends who are, as he is, former Peace Corps folks, came and visited this week. It was delightful!

We spent a lot of time while they were visiting on our back deck. Since we fitted it last year with comfy rockers and couch, it has been a great spot to hang out. This year, thanks to our generous daughter, we also have a fire pit, which can double as a table thanks to the wood top that Sweetie created. We also have a nice teak round dining table, chairs, benches and lots of umbrellas and a sun sail to keep excessive sun at bay. I'll try to add some photos of the back deck soon.

They stayed in a cozy farmhouse and really enjoyed it. We agreed to take some photos and share since they were so taken with it. Here are some photos of the farmhouse, starting by the entry door by the kitchen. 

To the right you have the microwave (with popcorn no less!) and a hot beverage area. To the left you have all of the cabinets and even a basket with sunscreen and a flashlight, plus fresh flowers.

Moving into the farmhouse you reach the living room area.

From there you can go left past the waste cans in the hall that goes to the bathroom and the two bedrooms, or go right past the couch to the stairs to the upper bedroom.

Let's go down the hall to the colorful bedroom.

I was told that the bed was very comfy!

To the left of the colorful bedroom is the second bedroom, which also serves as a sitting room because there is a Murphy bed that folds up.

The middle is a photo of the provided basket with all kinds of items you might forget to bring. Thoughtful. The bottom photo is of the Murphy bed.

If you go towards the street in the front room, you enter the office/closet, down one step.

This area also has a DVD player and some music DVDs, plus bins instead of a dresser, plus a full mirror and a large mirror to the left of the two Japanese prints. The door leads to a small deck which is the emergency escape for both the front and colorful bedrooms (which accesses the deck via a large window.

The bathroom has the usual sink, toilet, and shower, plus towels, etc., decorated in shades of aqua and blue, plus white.

If you go back down the hall and behind the couch, you reach a door that opens to the stairway hall to reach the upper bedroom.

I was struck by the simple beauty of the door into the upper bedroom.

The upper bedroom has a twin bed/daybed and also a dresser and closet, but it also serves as an office.

That's the end of the tour. Hope you enjoyed it!


  1. You always call it "the old farmhouse," but it's completely modern and looks great! It's clear you've done SO much work...!

  2. Oh, wait - I just realized this isn't YOUR remodel. Duh. LOL.