Saturday, November 20, 2021

Catching Up

Most of the time this is a food blog, but sometimes it's just a blog...a way to keep track of what has been going on in my life. Been a while, so let's catch up a bit. Above we have a photo of heron in the flooded field next to the Laguna. The rains in October and early November have been just what we needed after a couple years of severe drought.

The last few months...since mid-August really...I was brought low by a persistent ear infection that had a side effect of magnifying my hearing in the right ear. We complain as we get older about loss of hearing, but increase to the point of being painful isn't great either. Fortunately a couple of weeks ago I was able to have a hearing test following two weeks of a pair of medications. Things were much better and in the following week pretty much returned to normal hearing. All of that meant that I slept better, had more energy, more focus and enjoyed life a whole lot more than the time from mid-August through the end of October. Grateful for modern medicine and good doctors...and the time to heal.

During the ear infection time the garden suffered from lack of attention...and from a gopher suffering from lack of water. Our drought really was hard on all living things but we did have drip irrigation for part of the garden, including the rose bush my brother Jim gave me for my round number birthday. The gopher figured out how to break through the bottom of the wine barrel and had a feast on the roots of the rose. Once I realized what was going on, I took the plant out of the barrel and put it into a secure pot and kept the new soil around it moist. It was touch and go if the plant would survive. My brother died from cancer the December prior to the beginning of the pandemic, so I really wanted the rose bush to survive in his memory. Just three weeks ago I finally saw signs of new leaves and now there are new leaves on a number of stems...I think it is going to live. Joyful every time I see it.

The hot water heater for the farmhouse was in service for a very long time, but it came to the end of it's useful life in early fall and was replaced by Sweetie and Win a few weeks ago. Because the washer and dryer in the farmhouse laundry are larger than our stacking unit at the main house, it is the best place to wash bed linens and towels when someone stays in the farmhouse. Since that happened last week, I was so grateful to have a new hot water heater! Thanks Sweetie.

Our daughter Kate works for the big M in Redmond, WA and her team rolled out a new game last week, so that was exciting. She has only been with them since July, so this is the first roll out she has been part of and it went very well. Yay!

I'm now a great-great aunt of a beautiful baby girl born in Colorado on Nov. 9th. Her birth went well, too. So many blessings even without looking at the delicious food I have enjoyed lately.

As we get ready for  American Thanksgiving and all the seasonal joy and madness that follows, know that you, dear reader, are wished the happiest of holidays.

Here's another photo of the Laguna, filled with water and reflecting the huge live oaks along the banks.

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