Saturday, January 01, 2022

Easy Seasonal Appetizer

If you are anything like me, you get a lot of suggested recipes on your smart phone. One of the ones I like to check out is Allrecipes. Recently they had a colorful, easy and delicious appetizer which worked well for a dinner before Christmas. We basically catered the whole deal, appetizer to dessert, as sort of a Christmas gift to my sister who lives three hours (about) away from here. All of the components were packed up and brought (including the patter for serving, mostly because I knew everything would fit nicely on sister has beautiful platters which I could have used), and then I put it together on site.

We are fortunate in having a huge rosemary shrub, so I was able to bring lots of rosemary. If you are purchasing yours, you can tuck in sprigs for color, but they don't have to be so one eats the rosemary!

I bought two tubs of plain mozzarella balls and then marinated one tub (drained) in olive oil, Italian herbs, and minced garlic. It's usually less expensive than the ones you buy marinated and you get to make sure you use good ingredients. I like Penzey's Italian mixed herbs, but use your favorite herbs. Let the cheese balls marinate at least a day and up to a week before serving on this appetizer.

You can adjust this for your preferences. The prosciutto wasn't part of the original recipe, but I knew that it would be appreciated by this group. Marinated mushrooms would also be good, as would roasted red pepper strips.

Appetizer Wreath or Platter for the Holidays 

Make a wreath shape or other shape with fresh rosemary sprigs on a large platter or cheese board. Add mixed olives, red and yellow or orange cherry tomatoes, mozzarella cheese balls, plain and/or marinated, and, if desired, thinly sliced prosciutto gathered into roughly ball shapes. Include toothpics and small plates or cocktail napkins to hold the olive pits.

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  1. Anonymous3:58 PM

    The appetizer was fantastic! In fact the whole dinner was a wonderful, delicious gift! We're so grateful! Love and hugs, Natasha