Monday, April 04, 2022

Taking A Header

I had hoped to be posting something food related by now, but life throws you curve balls sometimes, so instead of being in the bake center, I've been in the ER waiting room and beyond.

Sweetie woke up one morning last week, sat or stood up, grabbed his water bottle to take a drink, and promptly passed out...and landed on his poor forehead...a header indeed. He landed so hard that you could see the rug marks, plus he split the skin. See below for how it looked. 

Once 911 had been called they came and asked all sorts of questions and weren't sure if he had had a heart attack or had a brain problem, or had fainted for some other reason, so off to the ER in the ambulance. The Gold Ridge Fire personnel who responded gave him excellent service...thank you, thank you!...including carrying him down our stairs which wind to the left at the bottom, just to make it more difficult.

He spent most of the day in the ER waiting for a room to open up in the cardiac unit but while he was waiting the hospital (Memorial in Santa Rosa, which also did a great job),  did a whole bunch of blood work and tests, including a CT scan of his brain and later a sonogram of his heart. He also had an MRI of his brain and the following morning a stress test. Looks like it was possibly a mild heart attack but mostly dehydration and low blood pressure. He has been losing weight slowly over 2.5 years or so and it looks like he no longer needs blood pressure meds. Hard way to find out!

A few days after he got home I visited our neighbors across the street and got to play with their baby goat. She is a cutie! Her photo is at the top. Her name is Illy, after the coffee because her color is like a dark brown coffee bean.

These neighbors and some others down our road were amazing and so supportive...taking care of Pi and getting me to the hospital and more. We are very fortunate in our friends!

So, hope to have something food related the next time I post but right now we are keeping it simple...grilled chicken and green salad and plain rice...that kind of thing.

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  1. Oh, ugh, I'm so sorry. And fainting IS the absolute worst way to find out that hey, those blood pressure meds could be cranked way down... It's the worst sound in the world of someone's head hitting. I'm glad everyone is okay - and definitely, here's to a simple week of simple treats.