Sunday, August 07, 2022

The Project Turned Out Well

Sweetie approaches building projects as his creative outlet and this time he created something really nice. Although the original idea was to build a place to store our garbage and recycle and green waste/compost containers, as the creativity took hold and the true state of the barn was revealed, it became a barn buttress, too. It's very sturdy and because it's faced with redwood, it will last and look weathered in time. The horizontal boards bring it into the twenty-first century and the large swinging doors make it easy to use. 

It even has shelves on one side to hold things like the plant fertilizer and clips for the irrigation system and things like that. The part I like best is the swing arm that holds the left door closed or lets it be opened. Easy to use and simple but elegant in design. 

Once we get some rain to loosen up the weeds, I'll clear out the area between it and the rest of the garden and plant some of the things that are resistant to gophers but currently in pots like iris and lavender plants. I'll leave some space, covered in wood chips, for a few pots of sun lovers in season, since the area gets plenty of sun.  Check back next spring for photos on how the garden looks with those changes!

On the cooking and baking front I tried a new recipe today and will post about it in the next day or two. It involved long cooking and gets finished tomorrow under the broiler. Care to guess what it is?


  1. Wow, that shed turned out beautifully.
    You mention gophers - we have ground squirrels this year. The piles of dirt around our planters are HUGE. Oy.

  2. Our squirrels are up in the walnut trees...fat and happy because they have been eating walnuts for about two months now. Since some of the branches of the walnuts hang over our back deck, we have been 'blessed' with lots of chewed up walnut matter. Fortunately we have heavy duty covers for the furniture, but there is still a lot of cleaning needed each time we want to use the deck. Now the detritus is joined by plenty of dried out walnut leaves! Country living. :)