Saturday, November 05, 2022

Pi is Home

Our old lab, Pi, has a version of vertigo. He stopped being able to walk on Oct. 24th and came home yesterday.

He can now walk a little, but still needs help going for anything over a few steps. He wears a harness so we can do that, including carrying him up and down a ramp to get outside. Even with the cool, misty weather we are having today, he likes being outside and holds his pee until we get him out and standing on his own for five minutes or so.

The future is uncertain because this syndrome usually takes 2-3 weeks to clear up but sometimes doesn't. In the meantime we are sooo happy to have him home! His head is still cocked a little all the time and he tends to walk in circles when he walks. We've had him 11 or 12 years and he was about three when we got him from the rescue folks, so he has lived a long time for a large dog...and he IS large as we have discovered when carrying him in and out...about 85 lbs. large! 

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