Tuesday, January 23, 2024


That's what they always say when it's picture time. Usually I don't mind, even though I'm not particularly photogenic. Lately, however, I'm reluctant to get my photo taken because my smile has become so uneven where my teeth are concerned. You can see above that one of my front teeth is much longer than those next to it. The eye teeth are another story for another time!

Over 40 years ago when my daughter was a few months old, I rode Bart to San Francisco and shouldn't have tried to take her in her stroller up the escalator. I found out later that it runs at a slightly faster speed than, say, department store escalators. Long story short, I flipped her out of the stroller and she rolled down while I fell and scraped my cheek and knocked out a front tooth. My daughter was completely encased in a quilted sleeping bag and so she just rolled...and wasn't hurt at all thank heavens!

The broken front tooth was replaced with a dental one and that has been replaced a couple of times over the years, but the last time was over 20 years ago and so that fake tooth is the same color and size while my natural teeth have yellowed a bit and are smaller through use. Time to get it replaced. This time they are also going to replace the rod that holds the tooth since the current one is also pretty old. 

By the time that my daughter gets hitched in the spring, I will have a much nicer smile...and will be ready for photos.

No food stuff or pics this time. Since I use this blog as a journal a bit as well as a food blog, this kind of post will show up now and then! 


  1. Anonymous10:13 AM

    My GOSH, what an awful story! I'm glad your poor wee girl wasn't hurt - but OUCH to lose a tooth and still have to wrangle a baby home and do all the adulting required to be a parent!
    It's interesting how over time the cosmetic fixes that were fine shift a bit - it's happening with my Dad's teeth, too. (He doesn't have any weddings to doll up for, though.) -t

  2. Tanita, Sorry that Blogger isn't letting you comment as yourself! It seems that Blogger has gotten cranky in its old age. Hope I'm not doing that too!
    As far as the tooth, it really was fascinating to see how it's done now. I was fortunate when Kay was a baby that I had a friend who loved to babysit her, so at least I knew she was fine while I was loopy on the dental gas that was used at the time for implanting posts and adding the tooth. The rest of the time I managed and it wasn't too hard because she was a sunny and easy child.