Sunday, June 16, 2024

Happy Father's Day to Some Dads

 First, a toast to the father of my children, Charlie! He has done a wonderful job over the years of being the kind of Dad that everyone wishes for.

Then, a toast to Aaron, husband of our daughter and Dad of Raine, seen here with him at Bodega Head, plus of sons River and Landon. He has been a bedrock dad to Raine and a role model of what a Dad should be like.

Even though I should be scanning the older photos in my care so that I have resources for photos of years gone by, that hasn't happened enough, so there aren't many to choose from for my Dad and maternal Granddad, but here are one of each of them. My paternal grandfather died before I really knew him and I don't have any of him handy, either, but all of these men are loved even though they are gone.

This photo is of my Dad, Max, hugging one of my sisters, maybe even on Father's Day.

This one is of my maternal grand father Jim Mangan, smiling at K. They made quite a pair.

Wishing all Dads a most Happy Father's Day!

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