Sunday, November 05, 2006

Elixir of the Gods

Sundays are a great day for coffee. For a number of years we have joined some neighbors at our local cafe' on Sunday mornings for breakfast, helped down by numerous cups of coffee. One of our neighbors has already had at least one cup at home as well. Somehow the coffee fix on Sunday is a more mellow experience than on weekdays, helped along by spending relaxed time with our friends. Weekdays the newspaper goes with the coffee. Not mellow.

My favorite brand is Peets. I first became a 'Peetnik' many years ago in Berkeley where I joined the throngs of coffee lovers at Walnut and Vine for fresh brewed strong coffee. This was in the '70's, before Starbucks became ubiquitous, at a time when the coffee available in most of the U.S. was weak, watery and mild flavored. What a treat to have a cup of freshly brewed dark French Roast instead. When I traveled I would bring a half pound of my favorite Peets coffee and a filter cone so that I could brew my addiction no matter where I was. Guess that was the mark of a nascent foodie. And then there was bread, but that'll have to be another post.

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