Friday, November 17, 2006

My Inner Elf

With Thanksgiving less than a week away it’s surely time to connect with my inner elf. I love the holidays and for many years baked dozens and dozens of cookies for gifts and to ear during the Christmas season. This year I plan to give lots of gifts of cookies, so I’ve decided to bake, photograph and blog about each one. But, if I can make it work, I’m also going to provide an index card sized recipe. My plan is to gather the card for each kind of cookie in the gift tin and put them together with a bit of ribbon, then include them with the gift. Feel free to do the same if the cookie seems like one you’d like for yourself or a gift.

I’m starting with a recipe from my mother. A friend says that they are called Dundee Cookies in England, but we grew up knowing them as Saucepan Fruit Bars. My daughter is coming home for her first trip since moving to Seattle and she wants to have tea with her Mom. These cookies are perfect with a cup of tea. They are mixed in a saucepan, so very few things to clean up, plus they are really easy to put together. The currants and raisins and spice are set off by the lemon glaze.


  1. Anonymous11:44 AM

    Great pictures, Trish. These are one of my favorite cookies!

  2. Anonymous4:12 PM

    I tasted these delicious cookies last year when "Elf" came to my home to make cookies for the scholarship gals our organization sponsors. My whole family loved them... so be sure to try them for yourself!!! E

  3. This is a great idea and something I'd like to do as well. The only problem I have is trying to find recipes for things that will last more than a day or so without being refrigerated. How long do these bars keep for?

  4. Marian, Thanks! Old family favorites are the best.

    E, The Elf will have to bake with you again this year. Too much fun.

    Brilynn, These last in a tight cookie tin for at least a week. I'll be posting some soon that keep even longer and one with dough that can be made ahead, refrigerated, then baked when you are ready. They are called Barbered Santas and are my daughter's favorite Christmas cookies. Coming sooooon.

  5. Those look delicious. Lovely food photography. Yummy. =)