Friday, September 26, 2008

Sticky Turtles

The power of suggestion is often stronger than we realize. I see something on sale that I use occasionally and suddenly I'm reminded of a recipe using that ingredient that I just HAVE to make. Or I spot something already made that I just KNOW that I can make myself a half the price, so, indeed, I MUST go home and make it. Fortunately it doesn't happen often, but recently I was checking out at our local market and there was a box of Turtle Candies on sale, by the piece. The caramel, pecans and chocolate looked delicious, but I decided that I should try making the candies myself.

A well stocked pantry is a great assist for such silliness, so once I got the groceries I'd bought unloaded and put away, I looked in my supplies and found some pecan halves, some Scharfenberger semi-sweet chocolate and some caramel bits. What could be easier?

Well, first off I decided to melt the caramel bits in the microwave. Should have done it on the top of a double boiler. I ended up with lumps of caramel that were soft in places and crunchy in other places. Undaunted, I stuck the pecan halves into the soft parts of the caramel blobs, then let them cool while I played with the chocolate.

Finely chopped chocolate can be melted in the microwave by using short bursts of very low power, then stirring. That worked just fine and the melted chocolate was scooped with a spoon onto the cooled caramel/nut mounds. Then I put the mounds into the freezer to chill and firm up the chocolate.

Except for the inconsistent texture of the caramel, they were delicious and fun to eat. The chocolate got a little melted by my fingers, but then I got to lick my!

As you can see, there is really no recipe for this, just ingredients. I only made a few, too. To do a full plate of cute Sticky Turtles, use a full bag of caramels, melt them in the top of a double boiler, set over simmering water, stirring until smooth. Plan on 4 pecan halves per candy, so about 48 or so. Use a full bar of semi-sweet chocolate 8 - 9 ounces, chopped fine and melted in the microwave or in the top of the double boiler, set over simmering water. I put my candies in flattened cupcake papers.


  1. Oh, my WORD.
    It's probably a good thing we're not neighbors. Because there'd be the, "Oh, Elle made these awesome turtles -- you know, we should do them with pecans!"

    ...and then macadamia nuts. And then with stripes of milk and dark chocolate so it looks like a real turtle. And then...

  2. They do look like turtles :) They sound yummy, I bet they would make great gifts

  3. Tadmack, Wish we were neighbors, then I could have some of the macadamia ones that you made :)

    Katie, they would make good gifts...nifty idea!

  4. MMmmmm...looks so good!!!

  5. One of the candies I will NOT make at home. I love me some turtles too much and restraint does not exsist.
    In fact you would probably kick me out of your house if I was visiting just for eating all of your turtles. :)

  6. These would be perfect as holiday gifts! Yum!