Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ruby Tuesday

My fellow blogger DaviMack over at Wish I were Baking posted a photo last week of a glorious red door as part of a blogging event new to me, Ruby Tuesday. The idea is to post a photo with red...a bit of red, lots of red, your choice. You can see what it is all about over at Work of the Poet.

Usually I post about food, but to do a Ruby Tuesday post I decided to share a photo from last fall. When I was in Taos my sister and I went to a wool festival on the town green. The scope and variety of wool and wool products was awesome. I only took a few photos...I was too busy feeling the nubby yarn and looking at hand knit sweaters and felted scarves to think about taking pictures. One view that did appeal to me was a stall that had bags of brightly colored wool.

This can't really warm you up if you are where it is cold, but the lovely mix of reds can brighten the day a bit, right?

xoxo Elle