Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hoping to post a pretty special pie that we had over the holidays, but waiting for photos from my daughter for that. In the meantime this photo reminds me that sometimes to make a cake...or other nice thing...you have to break some eggs. This has been a year with a lot of egg shells but many nice things afterwards, so I guess it was worth not being sure if the yolk would run, too, or if pieces of shell would get in with the eggs or if the whites wouldn't whip up as they should.

Sweetie says I need to cut back on worrying, so that is a good goal for 2011 for me.

Do YOU have any goals for the New Year? Want to share?


  1. I like that you have goals, not resolutions. I'm still thinking on it. I've got a few days left, right?

  2. When I was little, the family had a "Worry Bird". It was some exotic wood, beautiful, that my dad had found on one of his overseas flying missions. The deal was when you told the Worry Bird what to worry about, you didn't have to do the worrying anymore.
    Good luck with the not worrying.