Sunday, October 30, 2011

Goodbye October!

I'ts getting chilly at night around here...and our new stove is taking the chill off in the morning. We won't be making s'mores using that stove, but maybe a Halloween pumpkin will do the trick.

Happy Halloween dear reader!


  1. Hahahah! In times of desperation, I have tried this; the best kind of candle to use is beeswax, because you do get kind of a wax interference from using a candle if you get too close. And, I like my marshmallows charred...

    It's MINDBLOWING how fast this past month has gone. Whoa.

  2. Oo ... s'mores would be so nice tonight but no can do. We're closing things up and headed back to Dallas tomorrow.
    Happy Halloween.

  3. Anonymous12:54 PM

    I LOVE that picture!
    Thank goodness fall has finally arrived. I was beginning to think we would go straight into winter. We went up into apple country the other day and got one of those wonderful pies that have kind of cheesecake on the bottom, then sauteed apples, then crumb topping. So good! Happy Fall!
    Love and hugs,

  4. Next Sister Down9:41 AM

    Funny you should mention s'mores! I have some marshmallows I bought to make a chocolate stout pie but haven't gotten around to that yet, and I have some miniature Hershey bars leftover from Halloween, so I was thinking about making some using the gas stove burner, the way we sometimes did as kids. I don't have any graham crackers, though, and I kind of bet they won't taste as yummy as they did back then. I think I'll just enjoy the idea of them and save the marshmallows for the pie.