Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Pretzel Buddies

One of the joys of the Bread Baking Babes is the fun of baking bread...another is baking with the Bread Baking Buddies because it expands our world and gives us the opportunity to visit other blogs and see wonderful photos of the bread of the month and to see if our experience was anything like theirs. Sometimes the Buddy is new to bread baking, but often they are very experienced and I learn a lot by reading their posts.

In September we gathered around the virtual kitchen table and baked Pretzels. Some of the Babes even did a Google+ virtual group bake! The Internet is wonderful...makes the world smaller and brings us closer together. Now if only we could smell the lovely fragrances in each other's kitchen as the bread bakes.

Our intrepid Buddies this month did some excellent twisting. They baked pretzels both sweet and savory. Their Buddy Badges have been sent and now it is our reader's turns. Do visit their sites by clicking on the links so that you can read all about it. To whet your appetite here is the round-up:


Thank you Cathy, Gosia, Michelle, Kelly and Judy! You are great bakers and wonderful Buddies and I hope you bake with us again.

Dear readers, do check out their posts and be inspired yourselves...it is still a great time for soft pretzels.


  1. Hi Elle, thank you for including me in the BBB round-up. Being the buddy is always fun. Hope to be baking with you again.

  2. Elle, it was a great pleasure to bake the pretzel recipe with you. Hope to join your BBB kitchen next time.

  3. Lovely roundup, Elle. I do like the layout you chose. And of course, the pretzels displayed reminded me that we must make soft pretzels again soon. Thank you again for a terrific choice.