Friday, April 05, 2013

Easter Eggs

I know it is well past Easter, but I just remembered that our daughter came over on Easter for brunch and then we colored Easter eggs. When I mentioned that at the gym, I found that DeeDee and Miss F would have been happy to join us. Next year I'm thinking that I should have a little party to color eggs. No need to be a kid to enjoy the fun of mixing colors, adding designs and generally messing around with dye.

Here are some examples of our eggs. I hard boiled them the day before, so the were cold and a bit damp. Next time I'll warm them up a bit and dry them off. I think that will make for ease when adding colored crayon designs. Having crayons that are newer than 15 year old ones would probably help, too.

Did you color eggs this year? Did you use the fizzy tablets ? Every year I get a lot of hits just before Easter for my many-years-ago post on how to color them the old-fashioned way with vinegar, food coloring, and boiling water. If you usually have food color in your cupboard, this way is much cheaper than using the sets sold in the markets.

You will have to use spoons to lower the eggs into the dye bath and take them out instead of the cool wire holder, but that wire holder usually bends out do shape before you are finished anyway. HERE is the link to the post telling how to do it with vinegar and food colors. As you can see, you can get some brilliant colors this way.

An even older way to dye eggs is with dyes made from things like beets, onion skins, saffron and other natural materials. This is the way to go to avoid the chemicals found in food dyes. Katie from Simple Homemade used beets and other goodies to color eggs and has a great write up telling you how, so go HERE to see how she did that.

Hope you had a happy Easter, if you celebrate it.  XO. Elle

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  1. Beautiful. Some of them remind me os sunrise or sunset at night time.